6000m training - Monte Rosa

Training on easy 4000m peaks for high trekking and easy expedition mountains, information on altitude medicine and altitude adaptation, top preparation for many 6000m peaks in distant countries.

Kilimanjaro Glacier route

The lonely Kilimanjaro tour from the Shira Plateau over the huge glaciers of the mighty Northern Ice Field. Exclusive to the Uhuru peak with Hermann Berie.


Plan your summer 2024 now! Your dream mountain - private guided tour of the Matterhorn with a Swiss mountain guide

Deep snow course - Basic of powder

Your ultimate powder course, find your style! Safe skiing in all types of snow. For beginners in deep snow who have mastered the parallel turn and already have some experience off-piste.

Ski course - step into off-piste

Dare to take the step from the piste into the off-piste! Ideal for the first steps into deep snow skiing in the backcountry and as a refresher to improve your ski technique at the beginning of the season!

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