Elementary School Mhisiri Kilimanjaro – Marangu

For years we have supported the primary school Mhisiri in Marangu. Many donations from the Kilimanjaro participants are directly good for the pupils and students. The children of many carriers and local mountain guides go there to elementary school, connected is also a Baptist church which is the social center of this hamlet. This allows me to monitor the development on site regularly and see where the donations can be submitted.

All other projects are coordinated by the Föderverein Marangu e.v. in Hamburg. Herbert and Gabi banks who were already Kilimanjaro participants with their two sons are my partners in the club. Herbert always works in his spare time in Marangu on technical projects.

Foundation Earth Quake Kathmandu

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal in the spring of 2015, friendly carriers and guides from the BERIE team lost their lives. By spontaneous donations and the lecture in Lohn/sh in November 2015 we were able to directly support 5 of the widows of the affected persons. I have personally handed the amount to the women and their children in the presence of the participants of a trekking tour.

My partners in Kathmandu, Chhuldim Sherpa and Tamding Sherpa have set up a fund to provide further support.

The children can thus continue to attend school and have a help for the basic care of their needs even without their fathers.