A beautiful little country in South America with the most colourful contrasts awaits you: glacial, snow-white volcanic mountains in the barren Andes, the colourful tropical world of the rainforest and the cordiality of the indigenous people will delight you! Only 2 participants per mountain guide guarantee maximum safety on the Glacier Mountains. Well acclimatized by hikes in the Highlands is their first glacial volcano of the Cayambe (5796 m) whose peak lies almost on the equator. In the Ostkordillere lies the form beautiful Cotopaxi (5897 m). As the highest, active volcano on Earth, it makes the heart of many mountaineers beat faster. An optional Chimborazo (6310 m) is also possible. Visits to Indio markets and the sun ruins of the Incas round off their impressions. On the Rio Napo, which flows into the Amazon River, you discover the tropical rainforest on an adventurous boat trip. On the black water Lagoon of our jungle lodge and a suspension bridge over the huge jungle trees, you will marvel at the colourful bird and wildlife.

The tours

6000m training - Monte Rosa

Training on easy 4000m peaks for high trekking and easy expedition mountains, information on altitude medicine and altitude adaptation, top preparation for many 6000m peaks in distant countries.

Aconcagua – 360 °

Expedition to Aconcagua, Argentines 6959 m- via the "falsos Polacos" route. Best team in base camp "Plaza Argentina". A real "7summit" summit in the South American high summer. Fine wines and culinary delights in Mendoza

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