Outside the Alps, the mountain world often looks quite different. Drive on gigantic volcanoes in Kamchatka, through bizarre forests almost suffocated by deep snow on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, through Iceland's mystical mountain world down to the Arctic Ocean, on Sweden's gently rolling peaks, in the sheer endless expanses of the Rocky Mountains or on an adventure cruise to the Antarctic. In Canada, the USA, Antarctica, Georgia, Russia, Japan, India, Sweden and Iceland you will discover new, fascinating mountain landscapes in all their facets. But a bit of adventure is already there when you conquer Iceland, Japan or Kamchatka on skis and boards or hunt around Sweden or North America with dog sleds or snowmobiles. And even more so when you treat yourself to the ultimate snow sports experience in Canada: Heliskiing in the white wilderness of British Columbia or by ship on an expedition to Antarctica.