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Two full days for the summit with your Swiss mountain guide!

For me, the Matterhorn is the symbol of a mountain! It has an iconic myth and is the most striking mountain figure in the Swiss mountains, indeed in the entire Alpine region.

That's why mountaineers are drawn to it every summer, when the snow slowly recedes from mid-June and the rocks become warmer and drier again. The ideal time is from mid-June to mid-September, when the comfortable Hörnli hut is also open.

You can book this tour 1:1 as a private tour with me! With my many years of experience and the background of my good network in Zermatt, you will reach the summit safely and with a lot of fun!

On the first day, we set off together early in the morning and climb up the Hörnligrat for a while. This way we get to know each other better and you can get an idea of what awaits you the next morning in the light of the headlamps on the Hörnligrat. This way you get two full days with a mountain guide, which will only benefit your summit success!

It is important that you feel confident climbing with mountain boots on easy rock (grade II and III UIAA) both on the ascent and descent. We only have to abseil in a few places on the tour.

I recommend that you acclimatize yourself beforehand around Zermatt or ideally do appropriate introductory tours together with me or another mountain guide. (Breithorn-Traverse, Zinalrothorn-Normalweg or the Rimpfischhorn)

If your desired date is not possible with me, I will be happy to organize a Swiss mountain guide friend for you

I would be happy to advise you personally! Look forward to your dream tour!

BERIE Plus points

  • Private tour with your experienced Swiss mountain guide
  • Training tour the day before on the Hörnligrat
  • With pleasure and joy to the dream mountain
  • Summit certificate
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