On foot with one of the best travel experts - professional mountain guide Hermann Berie. Trekking is the perfect way to discover the nature and culture of distant countries. On these hikes in direct contact with the locals, you will experience an unforgettable journey that will leave its mark. From lively towns and mountain villages we hike up to the highest mountain peaks. The trip to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is an excellent introduction for all hiking enthusiasts.

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The journey

6000m training - Monte Rosa

Training on easy 4000m peaks for high trekking and easy expedition mountains, information on altitude medicine and altitude adaptation, top preparation for many 6000m peaks in distant countries.

Kilimanjaro Glacier route

The lonely Kilimanjaro tour from the Shira Plateau over the huge glaciers of the mighty Northern Ice Field. Exclusive to the Uhuru peak with Hermann Berie.

Kilimanjaro Bike adventure

Kilimanjaro as the ultimate bike adventure! Descent from Uhuru Peak and ascent "by fair means" with Hermann Berie, as an experienced area connoisseur and expert in high-altitude mountaineering. From the savannah to the glacier ice.

Mount Meru Maasai Trekking

For "Kilimanjaro homesickness" friends: Mount Meru (4562 m) ascent and trekking with Masai friends through the crater highlands at Ngorongoro to the Rift Valley. Exclusive HATARI Lodge

Kilimanjaro Marangu pure

The Kilimanjaro tour pure and compact in one week and a short safari with one of the best Kilimanjaro experts, mountain guide Hermann Berie !

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