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By now, all passionate skiers dream of diving deep into the dry, cold powder snow of Hokkaido and Niseko. The idea for this exclusive trip to the northernmost islands of Japan was born out of a friendship with Shinji Tamura over the past few years.

Shinji Tamura lived in Zermatt for a long time, now we are organizing the tour with his partner Hiro, who is also a mountain guide in Japan.

Icy Siberian winds drive moist air masses over the Sea of Japan where they soak up and deliver fresh powder snow over Hokkaido almost daily in winter. Sapporo is the most famous winter sports hotspot there. Active volcanoes, hot springs, birch forests with this groundless powder snow and of course the exotic Japanese culture are what make this trip so special.

Together with local guide Hiro, we travel from Asahikawa through the Daisetsuzan Mountains, climbing through sparse birch forests and steep volcanic flanks to the highest peaks there, such as Mount Yotei and Mount Asahidake. In heavy snowfall, we head deep into the powder of Furano to indulge in this legendary tree-skiing. Finally, we are in Niseko and every day we immerse ourselves in the warm onsen baths (hot, natural spring baths) to relax and enjoy the fine Japanese delicacies of Nippon in the evening.

This ski touring trip is ideal for you if you are a downhill-oriented rider, but also enjoy adventurous ski tours in all weathers.

BERIE Plus points

  • Freetouring paradise Japan
  • Powder snow guaranteed
  • together with friendly local guides
  • Ski tours and freeride adventures from the hotel
  • Discover Hokkaido and Niseko
  • active volcano
  • daily hot onsen baths
  • fine Japanese food

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