BERIE Corporate Philosophy

On the road with friends-connected with passion...

The BERIE Mountain Sports School was founded by Hermann BERIE 2006 in Schaffhausen.

Hermann worked for a long time as an expedition mountain guide for major organizers in the industry, he successfully climbed the Mount Everest (8850 m) as a guide with 7 participants. From this experience we draw on our potential for the design of unforgettable adventure trips in the mountains. What is important is not only the success of the Summit or the achievement of a goal – the way to get there and feeling with friends on the road at the end of each journey is the impression you take home as a participant.

To be on the road in small groups who understand each other well, to involve the participants with a great deal of transparency in the decisions of the guides and, by the way, also to improve the skills of the guests is the backbone of the company philosophy of BERIE.

Mountaineering, climbing, skiing and snowboarding are silent sports that take place without an audience. Moments of beauty and connection with nature we often acquire in laborious work... Reduction to the essentials and the sense of connectedness with people and nature – this is the essence of "mountaineering"... as a mountain guide we would like to accompany you and share your passion amicably.