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Our Kilimanjaro tour for mountaineers! If you want to climb all alone on the roof of Africa you are right here!

Almost pathless and without footprints, the route leads through scree, short climbs on the "Moonlight Wall" and over the ice of the mighty Credner Glacier into the Reusch Crater and to the smoking "Ashpit" on the Kilimanjaro Tour. Definitely the most magnificent and creative route on the mountains of Africa! The mightiness and size of the glacier masses of the Northern Ice Field will surely surprise you when you climb Kilimanjaro with us. The descent from the glacier is exciting: a short rappel brings you to the bottom of the Reusch Crater. Our acclimatization concept with guide Hermann Berie is perfect on the Kilimanjaro tour. We hike slowly ascending through rainforests, moorlands and rocky lava formations across the Shira Plateau. From the last camp of the Kilimanjaro Tour at the "Lava Tower" the loneliness of this remote north side overwhelms you and you may enjoy this peace and exclusivity for yourself. Only on the descent via the Umbwe Route and Machame Route do we encounter other people again. This route definitely still has pioneer character and you will look at Kilimanjaro trekking with completely different eyes after the Kilimanjaro tour. The trip to Tanzania is worth it.

After the strenuous summit tour, we have prepared for you another compact, exciting safari. This is also part of the Kilimanjaro tour. The foot safari with a ranger in Meru National Park and two nights in the paradisiacal Tarangire Park will inspire you and round off your trip harmoniously!

BERIE Plus points

  • Most lonely and exciting route on Kilimanjaro
  • Acclimatization on the Shira plateau
  • Ascent over the mighty Creder Glacier
  • Hiking over ancient glacial ice at the equator
  • Through the Reuschkrater to the Uhuru peak
  • Crossing from west to east of Kilimanjaro Tour
  • Admire the starry sky from the tent
  • proven team from Marangu on the Kilimanjaro tour
  • Compact Safari to relax after the tour
kilimanjaro tour

The Facts for the Kilimanjaro Tour

The Kilimanjaro Tour: are you up to the challenge?

In this Kilimanjaro tour we go - as the name suggests - to the beautiful country of Africa! Together we climb the largest mountain of the massif and experience a wonderful adventure with great views of the Tanzanian nature! Even as an experienced climber, you will have to cope with different conditions during the Kilimanjaro tour. The first night you will spend at the Kilimanjaro Tour at the hotel and can look forward to the Adventure prepare. Depending on the season it is in Tanzania very warm. A little further above the top of the Kilimanjaro tour it gets colder. Ideally, you will be fine with the change between cold and warm. The Rongai route and the Lemosho routes become interesting. An excellent physical condition is crucial for this tour. In general, you should bring motivation and strength for the last day, so that you can enjoy the mountains of Africa... In the Kilimanjaro tour we have a long summit climb ahead of us. Likewise, you should sure-footed be able to move in pathless terrain. When walking with crampons are Basic knowledge advantage. We offer besides the Kilimanjaro tour also easy tours for beginners. Contact us if you want to prepare for the Kilimanjaro tour. We offer different courses and prepare you for the next adventure!

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