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Many high trekking and expedition mountains in the Himalayas, the Andes and Africa require their own belaying technique and a basic knowledge of altitude adaptation. Very important are training tours before the start of the trip on 4000m peaks in the Alps, so that you can deepen and improve your "alpine skills"! You will also learn about the process of acclimatization at high altitudes, feel how your body works above 4000 meters and can acclimatize immediately before the trip or at least mentally adjust to the stress at high altitudes.

We offer a training weekend on the glaciers of the Monte Rosa massif to improve your skills with rope, crampons and ice axe specially adapted to the expedition style with fixed ropes and ascender. The technical difficulties are the same as the terrain on Island Peak or Lobuche East. On the way and in the evening in the hut you will receive important information from Hermann on the topics of altitude adaptation, altitude medicine and travel to distant countries, so that you can start your dream trip optimally prepared! Recommended mandatory program for all 6000m novices!

BERIE Plus points

  • Easy 4000m training summits in Monte Rosa area
  • Refresher on belaying techniques on the glacier
  • Deepening of personal skills
  • optimal preparation for trekking trips at high altitudes
  • Realistic Training Area
  • dreamlike mountain world of the Monte Rosa
  • First-hand information on acclimatisation
  • high sleeping altitude at the Gnifetti hut (3647 m)
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