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Experience the sunrise at an altitude of almost 6000 meters during the summit climb! Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and rises from the haze of the Masai steppe far into the East African sky. The summit still wears a distinctive silver ice cap. This mountain has inspired not only Hemingway. For many active people, the "snows of Kilimanjaro" provide material for dreaming of an unforgettable African adventure. Reward yourself after the mountain tour with a dreamlike safari to the most beautiful national parks of East Africa. We have a proven travel structure without a "stress program". Important for us is a good acclimatization so that you reach the summit under the best circumstances. The difficulty corresponds to a demanding hiking tour in the Alps, but you will be moving at high altitudes. Trust my enormous altitude experience from my time as a guide on Mount Everest and the 8000 summits of the Himalayas. You will successfully and healthily climb the summit! The return flight is always late in the evening, enjoy the morning still at the pool with a view of the wildlife in Tarangire National Park. Interesting is also our Kilimanjaro Tour with Safari.

BERIE Plus points

  • It will be your most beautiful holiday trip
  • Perfect acclimatization Concept
  • They're creating the summit!
  • Touching the Ice
  • The sunrise at the rim of the crater
  • Own mountain Guide team directly from Marangu
  • No stress program when travelling
  • Luxury Sopa-Lodge at the Ngorongoro crater

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