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On a bike to the summit of Kilimanjaro? Is that possible? Would you like to stand at almost 6,000 m on your bike and ride down to the Maasa steppe? Go for it! We offer you a proven acclimatisation concept, which Hermann has worked out for years, so that you can reach the summit safely and have the strength to enjoy the long descent!

On this tour we cross almost all climate zones: from the Maasai steppe through plantations and the mountain rainforest, through the heath and moorland to the high desert and the white glacial ice of the summit region. The descent leads from the summit over steep gravel slopes and blocked trails that are open at the bottom, down almost 5000-deep metres.

For some time now, this ambitious opportunity has been available for good mountain bikers looking for the ultimate adventure. Are you strong enough to push and carry your bike the last bit to the summit and ride down the steep, gravel trails from Uhuru Peak? With Hermann Berie's vast experience of over 40 successful summit ascents, we will get you up successfully and back down safely. The most important thing here is also a perfect acclimatization and a good safety concept. Benefit from this and treat yourself to this unforgettable bike adventure with BERIE. Interesting is our Kilimanjaro Tour with Safari.

BERIE Plus points

  • with bike on the Kilimanjaro
  • ultimate downhill from the highest, freestanding volcano
  • from the summit ice to the green rainforest
  • over steep gravel slopes and flowing trails
  • Perfect acclimatization Concept
  • Safety and experience with guide Hermann Berie
  • They're creating the summit!
  • Touching the Ice
  • The sunrise at the rim of the crater
  • Own mountain Guide team directly from Marangu
  • small, private groups

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