Ski touring Monte Rosa

Zermatt and Monte Rosa

Ski Tours Monte Rosa: These breathtakingly beautiful ski mountaineering on the largest glacier areas of the Alps in the border area of Switzerland-Italy are the perfect conclusion of the ski touring season. Until well into the early summer, fresh powder snow is falling again and again. Despite the power of the sun now in spring, the snow quality stays on top of the cool glaciers for a long time. To immerse yourself in this great glacier landscape with skis and to enjoy wonderful downhill runs is simply a privilege for those who want to experience something special. The new Monte Rosa Hut is perfectly located as a comfortable base camp in the midst of this vast landscape and allows us to make full tours on several 4000s. Finally we drive through the Findel Glacier and the stick Horn pass until far down into the spring-green at Zermatt.

BERIE Plus points

  • The most beautiful mountains of the Monte Rosa Group
  • Powder snow and lots of sunshine
  • Several 4000m peaks are possible
  • The highest mountain in the Swiss Alps – Dufour Peak
  • only 2 participants / guide at the Dufourspitze
  • The long downhill on the Border glacier
  • Comfortable Monte Rosa Hut
  • Excursion to Italy
  • View of Matterhorn & Co.

The facts

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