Three 4000-metre ski mountains in the Valais

Climb easy 4000m peaks on skis and enjoy a fantastic descent through icefalls and a unique glacier landscape. Join us again now in late spring for our ski tour short trip to the Saas Valley, Valais.

The cosy Britannia Hut (3030 m) is open all spring. Dario Andenmatten and his team are looking forward to our visit and will spoil us with Valais wines and delicacies. From the wonderfully sunny terrace, the view sweeps over mighty 4000m peaks and breathtaking glacier fields. You will visit the Strahlhorn (4190 m) and the lower Fluchthorn with long, north-facing descents in the best snow, enjoying the wonderful views of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. To acclimatize, the tour to the easy Allalinhorn with a dream descent, on long sections still with good powder snow, is just right. The last tour leads to the mighty Alphubel (4206 m) and ends with a sensationally long descent back to the spring-like valley of Saas Fee.

The facts

BERIE Plus points

  • Ski 4000 for connoisseurs
  • cosy and sunny Britannia hut
  • mighty glaciers
  • fabulously beautiful descents
  • easy, short ascent to the hut
  • best snow often until early summer
  • easily accessible by bus and train
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