Ski Big Mountain

Training for high alpine, steep ski tours

Ski Big Mountain

There is nothing more intense than skiing in the high mountains and drawing your own lines, it's like going out to the open sea and riding the big waves. For this you need a good training and deep knowledge of how to behave in this powerful nature to come back home healthy and full of joy.

Are you a good/very good skier, but have never used crampons to climb or rappel up a couloir to get to epic runs? How do you transition from skis to crampons? How do you belay yourself when rappelling down a couloir and build a fixed point? How do I belay steep descents? How do I secure myself on glaciers and what about the danger of crevasses? Can you assess the avalanche situation sufficiently well?

An exciting weekend, depending on snow conditions in Andermatt or Engelberg.

BERIE Plus points

  • Training weekend for high alpine ski trips
  • Ski mountaineering and powder runs
  • Abseiling and belaying methods in steep terrain
  • Ascents with crampons in firn and rock
  • Roping and belaying on glaciers
  • makeshift mountain rescue
  • driving in steep, rocky terrain

The facts

The Haute Route ski tour: are they up to the challenge?

The Haute Route ski tour is a varied ski tour full of Facets and impressions. The reason for this are the ever-changing scenarios. Ideal for all participants who want to bring some experience and really enjoy the Haute Route ski tour. This ski tour includes the challenging variant "Grand Combin". This Haute Route ski tour is suitable for advanced Participants With a high level of fitness. You should be able to control and react to your skis and all types of snow during the ski tour. Glaciated terrain also occurs. Experience in this area is an advantage. Short distances, packed with skis on the backpack, are interesting. You should also overcome this hurdle during the Haute Route ski tour. without any problems be able to overcome. Otherwise, safe handling of crampons and ice axes is essential for the high mountains. The experience from easier ski tours is usually sufficient. Alternatively, we have ski tours for beginners and courses on offer. Otherwise, you should be sure-footed and free from vertigo for the Haute Route ski tour. You are welcome to contact us and request your Experience communicate. We will see if you are suitable for the Haute Route ski tour. Have fun with this ski tour!

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