Welcome to the Monte Rosa Massif, the king of the Alps! Here awaits you a Adventure you will never forget. Imagine you are standing on the summit of Monte Rosa and feel the wind in your face while you enjoy the enjoy the breathtaking panorama. Our Monte Rosa mountain guides will accompany you on this unforgettable experience and help you overcome your limits.

The stories of the Monte Rosa mountain guides

Erive the majestic beauty of nature and feel the thrill of mountaineering. Let's reach the top together and enjoy the adventure of your life experience.

BERIE Plus points

  • The most beautiful mountains of the Monte Rosa Group
  • Powder snow and lots of sunshine
  • Several 4000m peaks are possible
  • The highest mountain in the Swiss Alps – Dufour Peak
  • only 2 participants / guide at the Dufourspitze
  • The long downhill on the Border glacier
  • Comfortable Monte Rosa Hut
  • Excursion to Italy
  • View of Matterhorn & Co.
Monte Rosa Mountain Guide

The facts

Experienced mountain guides for Monte Rosa

Our experienced Monte Rosa mountain guides know every corner of this unique landscape and will be happy to show you the most beautiful places and trails. We will go on a journey of discovery together and enjoy nature in all its facets. Whether it's the summit climb to the Ludwigshöhe, which is a special highlight with its 4,341 meters, or the glacier trekking near the Monte Rosa Hut - we guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Become part of the community

The stories of our mountain guides are full of anecdotes and adventures, from pioneers like Quintino Sella and their work in the Monte Rosa massif to current projects and developments. We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you and let you become part of our community. Experience with us the freedom and beauty of the mountains and let nature inspire you.

On the trail of pioneers: Ludwigshöhe 4,341

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Monte Rosa massif and hike in the footsteps of the pioneers. Climb the Ludwigshöhe with an altitude of 4,341 meters and enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks. This tour will take you along the paths of Quintino Sella, one of the pioneers of the Italian Alps, who was instrumental in the construction of the Monte Rosa Hut. You will feel like you are following in his footsteps as you take this unforgettable tour. The Monte Rosa Hut is also an important part of this history and since its construction has served as an important base for climbers who want to explore the massif. Be part of this tradition and experience a tour you will never forget.

Glacier trekking to Monte Rosa Hut - An impressive nature experience

Glacier trekking to Monte Rosa Hut is an unforgettable nature experience that you should not miss. During the ascent you will cross majestic glaciers and rugged rock faces and feel like a conqueror conquering nature. The view of the surrounding peaks such as Dufourspitze, Liskamm and Parrotspitze is breathtaking and makes you feel the beauty of the Alps up close. The Monte Rosa Hut at 2,795 meters above sea level is the perfect place to recover from the exertions of the climb and enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest. Here you will meet other mountaineers and share your experiences. Our experienced mountain guides will accompany you on this unique adventure and ensure your safety and well-being. Experience with us the impressive nature of the Monte Rosa massif and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty.

Frequently asked questions about Monte Rosa Mountain Guide

How high is Monte Rosa?

Monte Rosa, with an altitude of 4,634 meters, is the second highest mountain in the Alps and the highest mountain in Switzerland. The peak is located on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

What is a spaghetti tour?

A spaghetti tour is a combination of climbing and hiking, often over several days. The name comes from the fact that during the tour you often eat spaghetti. The tour usually goes over several peaks and passes and is a great way to experience the beauty of the mountains and test your physical limits at the same time.

Is it possible to climb the Dufour peak?

Yes, the Dufourspitze, at 4,634 meters, is the highest peak of the Monte Rosa massif and can be climbed by experienced mountaineers. However, the climb requires a good physical condition, experience in the use of crampons and rope and should only be undertaken with an experienced mountain guide.

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