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Glacier trekking and magical light shows: this photo trip with one of the best landscape photographers, Elmar Laubender and professional mountain guide Hermann Berie is sure to be your summer highlight! Time to look, time to capture and photograph with the photo expert...

The Great Aletsch Glacier is the most powerful glacier in the Alps. While there is a lot of snow at the top of the Jungfraufirn even in summer, the end of the glacier in the Valais changes very quickly. Follow this great stream of ice at a slow pace and learn a lot of exciting background information from your mountain guide along the way. Have you ever seen the intense blue at the bottom of a crevasse? Or when the glistening glacier ice flows into a magenta evening sky?

Photo expert Elmar Laubender will reveal tips and tricks from his many years of experience and together you will capture these two days in magical moments with your camera!

BERIE Plus points

  • Photo tour and glacier trekking with professionals
  • Hermann Berie (Guide) and photo expert Elmar Laubender
  • It almost always goes downhill
  • Comfortable pace and time to marvel and photograph
  • Train ride through the ' to the Jungfraujoch
  • The most powerful glacier in the Alps
  • Insights into the ice and first-hand information
  • sky high metal staircase to the Konkordiahütte
  • Sun terrace and cosy hut atmosphere
  • Optional: abseiling into a crevasse

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