Ski touring film Arolla Bavarian television BR3 "bergauf-bergab" (uphill-downhill)

Up here is our second home, up here is BERIE area connoisseur! To get in the mood, we recommend watching the film clip on Bavarian TV!

Surrounded by mighty glaciers and overlooked by Mont Collon and Dent Blanche. Here lies Arolla, at over 2000 metres. This makes the village one of the highest permanently inhabited places in the Alps and a real energy place to "recharge". Thus, on the Arolla ski tours, we are in the midst of nature, a powerful high-mountain landscape, in the uppermost part of the Val d'Heréns.

Snow-safe area with good connection to the village

My children learned to ski up here, there is guaranteed snow from November to May. You can buy the best local cheese, bread and Valais wine for the fondue in the evening from Christoph in the small village shop. Directly from the village, you can reach the simple drag lift on skis or board. There you can ski up to almost 3000 m or climb with your skins to one of the countless mountain peaks. All this without crowds, unless it is the time of the "Patrouille des Glacier PDG".

Where the black Ehringer cows graze in summer, we can now leave tracks with our skis in winter. It is a perfect ski touring area without hustle and bustle. After the ski tours in Arolla, it's time to rest and recover. At the Hotel Glacier, in the middle of the village. Enjoy cosy hospitality and get a good night's sleep.

Ski touring landscape in Arolla

Jagged glaciers and sharp rock spires tower over the valley. In other words, a mountain backdrop just the way we like it. After all, it's just the right place to breathe fresh mountain air, switch off and leave the hustle and bustle of the valleys behind. Even early in winter, everything here is covered in snow. The north-eastern slopes below the Aiguilles Rouges d'Arolla, La Roussette, La Cassorte and Mont de l'Etoile have just the right inclination. As a result, they offer many opportunities for beautiful ski tours and deep-snow descents. To be precise, all the way down to Lac Bleu at La Gouille and Satarma.


After a tour via Evolène and a climb to the Pointe du Tsaté (3077 m) on the other side of the valley, we afford ourselves a spectacular descent with views of the Dent Blanche towering over everything. Even the Pigne d'Arolla (3787 m) is doable as a day tour from the hotel. Definitely, the descent from the summit back to the hotel is just awesome, with lots of chances for powder. Arolla has become more and more dear to me over the last few years. In the meantime, it has become a second home - and it won't disappoint you either!

Info about Arolla
Info about the Hotel Glacier

BERIE plus points for these ski tours in Val d'Heréns

  • breathtaking ski tours in a magnificent landscape
  • Hotel in snow-sure Arolla at 2000 metres!
  • Starting and leaving from the front door
  • Very long descents into the Val d'Herens
  • plus a high alpine tour on the glacier
  • own shuttle bus
  • cosy hotel with fine food
  • quiet high mountain village without hustle and bustle
  • Perfect switch-off and breathing
  • the film area for "Bergaufbergab" with BR 3 television
  • we have the best knowledge of the area

Ski tours Arolla - The facts

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