Northern lights, snowshoe and ski tours for connoisseurs, Uloya Lyngenfjord island

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The island Uloya at the Lyngen- and Kafjord in the north of Norway near Tromsö is one of the best places to gaze undisturbed at the northern lights. Hermann Berie has known the area for years and is regularly out and about there on skis and snowshoes. Directly from the lodge you can comfortably watch the dance of the northern lights in the arctic winter sky from the Jacuzzi. The week is suitable for active connoisseurs on snowshoes or touring skis. Both are possible. Not the sporty performance is in the foreground but the immersion in a unique landscape with all senses. Due to the location of the peninsula no disturbing light hinders you and you experience the magnificent spectacle completely unclouded. During the day you can go on comfortable, guided snowshoe and ski tours with Hermann. The island of Uloya, for example, has mountains over 1000 m high and from these peaks the view of the Lyngen Fjord and the Barren Sea is simply phenomenally beautiful. In the evening you will be generously spoiled with freshly caught fish and local delicacies in the cosy and familiar lodge. Spend another night in the university city and the gateway to the North Pole, in Tromsö. After breakfast you will stroll through the picturesque old town and fly back to Zurich at noon.

BERIE Plus points

  • Direct flight with Edelweiss to Tromsø from Zurich
  • The polar lights without the interference light
  • Active premium polar light trip with Hermann Berie
  • easy tours with snowshoes or touring skis
  • Sled dog adventure
  • lonely island Uloya at the Lyngen- and Reisafjord
  • Comfortable lodge with all comforts
  • Speedboat trips on the fjord
  • Our "House area" at the Arctic Circle
  • We have the best local knowledge

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