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This Alpamayo climb and cultural trip is suitable for all mountain lovers who like to hike and trek extensively and on remote routes. Through the first part of the trip around Cusco and in the Valle Sagrado you are well acclimatized for the Andean highlands around Huaraz. Therefore we will travel with the Alpamayo climb immediately to Machu Picchu and then only to Huaraz. Relaxation and cultural highlights are not neglected either, be it strolling in Cusco or nightlife in Lima. We sleep in the cities in selected premium hotels and at the Alpamayo climb authentically in spacious tents. Extend the trip with a summit tour of Toccllaraju or Ishinca, or add three days for a visit to the Amazon basin.

The Cordillera Blanca in Peru is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in South America. The region is popular with many mountaineers from all over the world, because after all, here are very perfect glacier peaks that rise into a blue sky. One that is considered "the most beautiful" is certainly the Alpamayo. Crystal clear lagoons reflect these mountain peaks in the water and over steep passes we follow at the Alpamayo climb the ancient paths of the Incas to ever more beautiful vistas. The almost subtropical vegetation and the abundance of cereals and vegetables on the sunny slopes, form an exciting contrast to the snow-capped mountain peaks and wild glaciers high above. The city of Huaraz is the economic center of the area, also the beginning and conclusion of this lonely Alpamayo climb. A visit to Cusco with the Valle Sagrado and the famous Inca fortress Machu Picchu must not be missed on this trip to the Andes highlands. If you have ambitions for a 6000 meter peak, you will climb the Alpamayo climb with the private guide and Hermann Berie on the shapely Tocllaraju (6034 m). At the end of the trip you will enjoy the urban life and fine fish dishes in Lima and if you like, surf on the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

BERIE Plus points

  • Management and leadership: Mountain guide Hermann Berie
  • With friendly mountain guides from Huaraz
  • we have the best contacts in the area
  • excellent acclimatization
  • Cusco, Machu Picchu and Valle Sagrado
  • lonely trekking tour with tents
  • very good hotels
  • fine, local food, cool bars in the cities
  • optional: the steep glacier mountain Tocallaraju (6034 m)
  • or: the glaciated Ishinca (5530 m)


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The Alpamayo climb: are they up to the challenges?

The Alpamayo climb is a very pleasant and at the same time demanding Tour. The reason for this are the conditions, the altitude and nine nights in the tent. The tour is demanding even for experienced climbers. Don't worry, on the Alpamayo climb we always pay attention to our participants and know the individual requirements. In general you need a high level of fitness for the Alpamayo climb and you should be familiar with the technique and the equipment. The distances are from a time point of view 4 and 8 hours. On the summit days we calculate between 6 and 8 hours for the ascent. Some ice and firn flanks show a slope of 40°. A safe use of crampons and ice axe is necessary on the Alpamayo climb to pass the conditions. We try on the Alpamayo climb a consistent and routine speed to find. We offer tours for beginners. However, we will be guided by the experience of advanced expedition members. In general we expect team spirit, high mental strength as well as Helpfulness. You are welcome to send us your tour record of the last years. Alternatively, contact us with your experience. We will assess your condition and can tell you if you are suitable for the Alpamayo climb. Have fun!

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